2013 January

Summer BBQ at Whitby’s Heydenshore Park

Look at all these smiling faces:

002             004           006


  008   010   012

014        016 
Are they enjoying?
Well, sure they are. Look at these:

Quite relaxing, aren’t they?
But they seemed also making strategic planning to win the game.


Having fun with ‘dragon boat’ race on the green!


“Oh, thank God. We made it.”
“Are we jealous? Of course! We didn’t make it, but we did enjoy the game.”

“Ok, we are hungry now. Let’s start our BBQ lunch.”

Wow! They have sashimi too!

030                  032

“Joe, are you ok with the food?”         “Well Steven, what else can I ask for?”


034 “Heather, looks like everybody love your sashimi.
See, even Miss Fong and Mrs. Yao are still talking about it.”

036 038

That’s what happened at Whitby’s Heydenshore Park on September 1, 2012. The venue was scenic, the weather was good, the food was delicious, and there were lots of laughter and fun. We were delighted to have the company of Miss Irene Fong and Mrs. Gladys Yao joining. The BHJS Canada Alumni ran another successful summer event. Thanks to all who had participated.
To our dear alumni, members or non-members: If you want to enjoy as much as we had, don’t hesitate to join the functions planned for you. It’s not just for fun, it’s the togetherness and friendship which are going to enrich our life. Join now!