Improvement Project –BHJS Hong Kong

Improvement Project –BHJS Hong Kong

Message from the Chair, May Ho (1967, F5A)

The following is an excerpt from our mother school website:
Glory be to God! The School Improvement Project was finally completed after two years and eight months.
The school is deeply touched by the enormous support it has received from parents, students and members of the Alumni, both local and overseas. Their contribution enabled our students to learn with better facilities and in a much improved environment. The school is grateful for the generous donation of Dr. Stanley Ma, an old boy of BHJS, who would like the new annex named in loving memory of his father, Mr. Ma Wan Cheong.

With these up-graded facilities, we are able to enhance the development of our curriculum and cocurricular activities. Starting from Form 1 this year, Visual Art has become our regular programme, and will extend to Form 3 in the coming years. With the completion of the school gymnasium, Students Activity Centre and the refurbished playground, we have special programmes for all Form 1 students. Each of them will participate in at least one of the Arts or Physical Education activities organized so as to develop their potential in these areas. The Helen Wong Hall was finished with acoustic panels and ceiling raising the standard of the sound and light systems. We will conduct regular activities to promote performing arts.

As our school approaches its 45th anniversary, we are glad to witness the all-round development of our students, evident in their achievement academically and in extra-curricular activities. We give full support to needy students and we take care of individual learning differences. We make every effort to utilize all resources available to develop our students’ potential. As Jubileans, we always feel proud of our school.

Every member of this family shares the joy of school life. As we grow in unity, let us, as Jubileans,
contribute to our community in the spirit of the school motto – we are not born for ourselves alone.”ect.

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