Letter of Thanks by Jolie and Hing Cheung Tse

Letter of Thanks by Jolie and Hing Cheung Tse

March 19, 2013


Dear BHJS Canada Alumni:


Hing Cheung and I would like to express our greatest appreciations towards your hospitality and love at the Annual Alumni Dinner Celebration on March 16, 2013. Every one of us has enjoyed an emotional evening, filled with laughter and joy, fond memories of the past, mind-bogging fun games with endless prizes, delicious food and generous gifts, the inspiring school hymn and on and on…We are particularly impressed by the positive spirits of BHJS, the meticulous preparation and admirable teamwork that made the event so successful. We sincerely hope that you will continue to work together towards the goal of the growth of the BHJS Canada Alumni Association.


Our special thanks to the following and all those whose names we can’t remember:


Christina Chan (Class of 1970), who has made us feel so welcomed, with her charm, sincerity and superb leadership;


Sharon Wong (Class of 1971), who has invited us persistently for a few years, and inspired others to attend the meeting, being as effective and straightforward as I have always remembered;


Lam Se Nam and Stella Tam (Class of 1969), who have always been so warm and loving to us; Se Nam has become a Wise Man(智者)after growing his beard and turning grey, while Stella remains as youthful as ever (she has to share the tricks);


Betty and Michael Lau (Class of 1970), who have been enthusiastic about and supportive to all BHJS functions, so thoughtful and generous to us whenever we meet;


WilliamClass of 1971) and Gloria Yu and Albert Yam (Class of 1970), who have traveled from Calgary and New Jersey, respectively; thanks to William for sharing and keeping my 1973 letter to him, and Albert for “making” up our story;


Winston Chiu (Class of 1965), Edward Leung (Class of 1973), Joseph Lau Chai Ping (Class of 1971) and other committee members, who must have not eaten much during dinner, too busy to take care of all the activities; very impressed by Edward’s school uniform (even more by the girl who still fits into hers); a great pleasant surprise to see Lau Chai Ping again; and last but not least


Alice Chin (Class of 1970), the two pretty new blood (Mistresses of Ceremony), and the “composer” of a new song, 一起走過的日子,who have entertained us with their great talent to enhance the atmosphere of the gathering.


Our contact information:

Jolie Shiu-Fong and Hing-Cheung Tse

2366 Mt. Vernon Drive, Fairfield, OH 45014, USA

513-829-0316 (Home)  513-675-0739 (Cell)

jsftse@cinci.rr.com    hctse@fuse.net

Please do come to visit us whenever you are in the area. All are welcome!


Finally, let us thank you all again for everything. Our Toronto reunion is definitely a memorable page in our life journal.


With lots of love and best wishes,

Jolie and Hing Cheung Tse (謝慶祥,吳兆芳)

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