Visit BHJS in Hong Kong

Visit BHJS in Hong Kong

December 7th, 2019 was a special for me as I was being invited to attend the 何明華會督銀禧中學[元老校友加冕禮].  Time surely passed by and I cannot believe I graduated from Bishop Hall Jubilee School for 45 years already.  I received my High School Diploma on this special ceremony.  Both Se Nam Lam and Stella Tam whom graduated from BHJS for 50 years attended the same ceremony.  It was a great memory for many of the classmates. 

I met many classmates whom I have not seen since we graduated.  Five of my classmates were very happy to hear that we have an BHJS Canada Alumni Association in Toronto and joined our Alumni on that day.  I also met Mr. Au-Yeung Sir whom taught me Mathematics and was my class teacher for 2 years!  I was so excited as he was one teacher that influenced me for being good at mathematics.  I have a brief encounter with Principal Lily Wong and talked about the ceremony. 

During the luncheon I met Ms. Agnes Lin and noted that she created a scholarship for Science Faculty.  I was honored to contribute my share of donations for that scholarship and discussed with my fellow BHJS Canada Alumni Executive members when I returned to Toronto about this Scholarship.  We will support this Scholarship by raising funding in our AGM Dinner from now on. I am always proud to be a student of Bishop Hall Jubilee School.

Reported by Adonza Chan (President of BHJS Canada Alumni)

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